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CONTRIBUTION based on the number of employees in your company 1 to 25 employees $ 200 + GST ($ 10.00) + QST ($ 19.95) $ 229.95 26-50 employees $ 250 + GST ($ 12.50) + QST ($ 24.94) $ 287.44 51 employees and over $ 300 + GST ($ 15.00) + QST ($ 29.93) $ 344.93 For another person of a company already a member of the Chamber of commerce (additional delegate) the fee is $ 65.00 + GST ($ 3.25) + QST ($ 6.48) = $ 74.74  

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There are many benefits to being a member of the Chamber of Commerce Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.

Support the organization leader in the representation of business people and organizations in the Greater Ste- Agathe Be listed on the website of the Chamber of Commerce ( about 300 visitors a day. The website of the Chamber of Commerce is THE reference for tourism Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. Your trade is displayed in addition to having a direct link to your website, you have the ability to enhance your presence on this site. Two Facebook pages, Chamber of Commerce and Ste Agathe Festi-Neige. A place on display at the tourist information office (+ 20 000 visitors / year), Camping Sainte-Agathe (+ 80 000 visitors / year) at Festi-Neige (more than 20 000 visitors / year)  Le Patriote Theatre  (+ 25 000 visitors / year). Receive support for writing and publishing press releases to convey the good shots; major investments; new acquisition or participation in charities. Having the opportunity to see your business at the request of potential customers. Receive the monthly newsletter INFO-FLASH. Participate (free of charge) 5 to 7  in companies. Opportunity to participate in combinations for tourism promotion. List of members of the House still available for free. Potential for increased visibility at events / activities organized by the Chamber of Commerce. Personnel recruitment support. Training in various spheres of activity. Swearing service official documents. Information available on any matter in everyday life. “Networking” possible thanks to the huge network of the Chamber of Commerce


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BENEFITS FCCQ To always add more value to your membership the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ) gives you access to a wide variety of business benefits. Do the math! With potential savings you will realize with these business benefits quickly make money from your membership FCCQ. Insurance / Mutual Insurance Firm RHÉAUME MICHEL AND ASSOCIATES Michel Rhéaume & Associates is the largest brokerage firm in the field of personal insurance in Quebec, at the exclusive service of the members of corporations and professional associations. This firm, in collaboration with the FCCQ for over 25 years offers complete custom programs and health insurance with premium refund, representing more than $ 1 million in annualized premiums. This benefit is offered exclusively to corporate members FCCQ. Enjoy discounts! Advantage reserved only for corporate members FCCQ. Group Insurance Plan chambers of commerce Since its inception in 1970, one philosophy guided the Board: providing flexible benefits, affordable and competitive employees of small businesses. The Plan has been designed specifically for businesses with fewer than 50 employees and is intended for both self-employed, agricultural businesses, family businesses and nonprofit organizations. Your business should, however, be a member of a chamber of commerce to benefit from this advantage. For more information: Advantage reserved only to members of chambers of commerce. Exclusive discounts on your insurance it done. La Capitale General Insurance is one of the five largest insurers in Quebec. For 35 years, this confidence insurer offers its customers an attentive service, full and appropriate protection and a high availability disaster. 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Discounts apply in all Esso stations across Canada. There are two types for this program, a corporate card program and a program for staff members. Discounts on fuel purchases at Shell Canada Limited $ 0.03 FCCQ and Shell Canada Limited are pleased to offer a $ 0.03 per liter discount on the purchase of fuel (petrol and diesel) made in Canada. Minimum purchase required 500 liters per month. Accommodation HOSPITALITY CHAMPÊTRE FCCQ is proud to offer its members a discount of 15% when booking hotel stays made online on site. We can proudly say today qu’Hôtellerie Bucolic form the best network of hotels and country inns in Quebec. The superior accommodations, fine regional cuisine and activities for all provide a unique and unparalleled formula, clean Québec Resorts. Staying at one of the many institutions in our network, the visitor chooses more than just hotel rooms; he opts for experience with multiple possibilities, that will fulfill him throughout his visit, whatever their tastes. 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Business productivity PRO INTERNATIONAL ACTION Increase of Proaction International business productivity level supports companies, organizations and health and social services centers in North America and Europe, to maximize their management and productivity. The company brings together a hundred experts advice mastering all aspects of productivity. They ensure the profitability and competitiveness in world markets. Member Services swearing Service FCCQ offers free to its members the document swearing-service to its offices downtown Montreal, Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm and 13 pm from 30 to 16 h and Friday from 10 am to 12 pm. Telecommunications facilis And if you did save on your conference calls? Take advantage of our agreement with the company Facilis and get great rates on your conference calls and offered unlimited access for your web conferences. Merchant Payment Solutions GLOBAL PAYMENTS GLOBAL PAYMENTS FCCQ has established an exclusive partnership with Global Payments to offer you favorable options in the management of credit and payment solutions. Global Payments, a leader in the field of payment processing, offers extremely advantageous rates on Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac. Also you do not have to pay membership fees Global Payments.